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A roguechess-like adventure by Marc Alcón, Kendra Muñoz, Ignacio Ory and Charlie Sánchez

Chess and Tails is an endless turn-based combat game based on classic chess, but also inspired by role-playing games. Your goal as a player is to defeat all the enemies on the board to reach the highest possible round. The choices you make at the start will define your stats throughout the game. Enemy pieces move following the basic rules of chess, and always attack melee. In your turn, you can also move around by clicking on the highlighted squares, and after that you can hit nearby enemies by clicking on them, depending on the range of your equipped weapon. 

The game takes place over several rounds. Before each one, a coin is tossed in the air. If the head of the enemy horse comes up, you will have to bear a random additional disadvantage for the rest of the game. If the tails of your weapons comes up, you get the ability to choose an instant advantage.

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Tags3D, Chess, duality, Global Game Jam, Low-poly, reggeaton, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Unity

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